↻ take me back!!

in short.. i accidentally deleted my twitter a few months ago (keep on forgetting about reactivating after "taking a break" apparently!!)

was too lazy to make a new account, so whatever correspondance i wanted to carry out from that point on was done so through email.

at first, it really did feel a little weird and old fashioned to be sending Electronic Mail to people instead of sending a convenient little Direct Message in the Bird App, but i think i've finally fully come to terms with the fact that i kind of unironically adore email with my whole chest. mind you.. this has been a long journey!!

there's some sort of wonderful feeling i get when i find a nice little email (written just for me!?!?!) amidst whatever junk mail resides in my inbox. a little happamine, if you will, rushes through my entire being and envelops me in temporary bliss.

with this little side project slash ode-to-email-in-disguise, i hope that i can bring a similar type of joy to more people.

at its very core, i believe that email.. sans trackers and corporate jargon and 90mb banners.. in its purest, most wonderful form, is a slow!! sincere!! enjoyable!! means of communication (second only to, in my opinion, sending and receiving letters - which is something i hope to explore more soon AHHHHH)

make email cool and fun again. checking your inbox should be a simple pleasure, a ritual that is surprisingly delightful every time.

and let the act of writing emails be a meditative experience, unconstrained by whatever formal etiquette you find in work emails. add as many exclamation points as you see fit without fear of judgement and maybe even disregard the Rules Of Capitalization if you're feeling Funky!!!!!

who knows?? maybe the next time you refresh your inbox, among the Daily Deals From That Generic Retail Store's Mailing List You Signed Up For 3 Years Ago At The Mall To Get The Tiniest Discount Known To Man and the notification of a very real million dollar inheritance you will receive from your long lost great uncle (twice removed once unmoved), you'll find yourself a hidden gem.

that's all for now!!

p.s. if you're feeling like a contrarian or #notlikeothergirls or Something Similar of the Sort, feel free to also send me an email. i am certainly not opposed to the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.p.s. i realized only AFTER registering the domain that i should've used "may" instead of "can" for the sake of formality. my sixth grade english teacher is fuming (probably). sorry!!